Compact Pro 1.52

Compact Pro is a very famous shareware file compression utility written by Bill Goodman, though recently after StuffIt 5.0 was released, people who use this software seems to be getting fewer because of the high compression ratio of StuffIt 5.x. But if you would like to make smaller self-extracting archives from not so big source files, you should use Compact Pro instead of the Aladdin's new compressors because its application part is very big as the below chart shows.

[  Self-Extracting Archive Compression Test Chart  ]

File Size (byte) Compression Ratio (%)
Compact Pro 1.52

StuffIt Deluxe 5.1.2

Source Files:   96KB Text     480KB Text     96KB PICT     482KB PICT

Compact Pro's another nice and nifty feature concerning the self-extracting archives that I like very much is the easy to customize dialogue - see the below screen-shot.
Don't you feel that it's enjoyable if you can send an unique self-extracting archive like this to your friends?
With the "Note" command of Compact pro, you can easily add any comments and a picture to a self-extracting archive if you have a little knowledge about resource editor such as ResEdit.

The following screen-shots show you how to make a customized self-extracting archive.

In the first place, select "Note..." from "Archive" menu of Compact Pro then enter the comments that you want the self-extracting archive to display.

Next, open the saved self-extracting archive with your favorite resource editor and paste a prepared PICT resource in it.  Make sure that the ID of your PICT resource is "503".

Now open the 'DITL' resource ID 503 and place a Picture item on it - you can do this by dragging "Picture" tool from the palette if you use ResEdit.

Change the resource ID of the Picture item to "503" on the 'DITL'.

Change the name of the Button items on the 'DITL' if you would like to.

Arrange the items as you like... That's all! It's very easy, isn't it?  You can get this sample from here, so try with it if you feel it's difficult.

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